About Allan Slaight

Allan Slaight caught the magic bug early—age eight—after seeing Johnny Giordmaine perform magic at his counter in the Eaton’s department store. As Slaight would later recall, it took dynamite to move him from the spot. As a teenager, Slaight fell under the spell of Stewart James, one of the world’s most prolific inventors of subtle magic secrets, particularly with playing cards.

In the Forties, still a teenager, Slaight toured Western Canada as “Will Powers,” a mindreader, and also as “Slaight & Co.,” where he presented a larger scale magic show. While his natural talents steered him toward broadcasting, where he built up the largest, privately-owned network of radio stations in Canada, his passion for magic never wavered.

His magic tricks can be found in most major magic magazines from the past fifty years, and his published works—particularly the 3,000 pages of The James File—rank as some of the most impressive magic publications in the history of magic.

Allan Slaight passed away at age 90 on September 19, 2021.