Preview Stewart James

An Extraordinary Life

Stewart James was of the most influential authors of magic. 

As you explore the virtual rooms of this online museum, you will be free to navigate through the magician’s biography, tricks, principles, creative strategies, personal correspondence and more. You will witness how a reclusive, young boy from Courtright, Ontario transformed over the course of his life to become a major figure in magic history.

The STEWART JAMES room is the first stop of this on-line tour. It contains a trick-based chronology explaining some of the major events which shaped James’ experience of the world and his magic philosophy.  As you read through the pages of each biographical exhibit, remember that you can quickly reference the different tricks representing episodes of his life by clicking on their hyperlinked titles. Doing so will transport you to the TRICKS room. If for some reason you lose your way in the exhibition’s many halls, simply consult the EXHIBITION MAP for a complete list of the site’s contents.

Magicians and aficionados are highly encouraged to visit the PRINCIPLES and CREATIVE STRATEGIES rooms, which invite ideas from Stewart James experts for the ongoing study of his work.  Such guests should also contact Magicana about accessing the James/Haxton CORRESPONDENCE room, graciously hosted by The Conjuring Arts Research Centre and their Ask Alexander database.

Everyone should experience the VOICES multi-media room to hear Stewart James speak and to see him perform.  Finally, all of us at Magicana will be delighted if you leave a message in the VISITOR COMMENTS section or consider making a donation in the SOUVENIRS room.

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce The Magic and Life of Stewart James!

     —Joe Culpepper, M.A., Ph.D. Student, University of Toronto