December 26, 2014

I have often said that staging The Conjuror is like operating a Formula One race car.

The show is the car itself. A precision-made machine that, when running on all cylinders, simply flies.

However, the real secret is the pit crew – one that must operate at high speed, under duress, and with the finesse of a surgeon.

And then there is me. The driver. Adjusting the speed (the pace of the show) on the fly, based on the conditions at the time, and negotiating with the other drivers (the audience) on the track.

Adjusting the handling – improvising, if you will – or, navigating the conditions of the road can be treacherous, but with enough preparation and practice, the improbable becomes possible and the impossible becomes a reality.

Sure we have crashed from time to time, but there have only been a few fender benders. And, between you and me, we hope to keep it that way!

Hasta mañana.

David Ben