December 30, 2014

The greatest illusion in The Conjuror is that it is a one-man show. The show is really a product of many creative minds. Patrick Watson and I co-wrote the show. Bill Schmuck designed the sets and one of the costumes. Kelly Wolf did the others, and Bonnie Beecher has added her own magic with her consummate lighting.

One of the unheralded contributors, whose work is woven throughout the show, is John Lang. John Lang is a genius. (And I do not use that word lightly.)

John composed original music for virtually every piece in the show. And his range is extraordinary. By and large, here’s how we worked. I would choreograph a piece of magic, and then have it filmed in our studio. The video clip would be posted to a private site for John to view. John and I would then discuss the magic, and the sort of sound – musical styling, country of origin, or mood – that I was after, and he would go to work. He would post his renderings for me to download and rehearse to. The results were pure magic.

Magicians are fond of saying that they are really actors playing the part of a magician. While that may be true, I believe that magic is more akin to music and dance than acting, and that a magician must be an actor, dancer and musician.

Either way, if are coming to the show – and we open tonight – feast your eyes on the magic, and your ears on the music. You won’t be disappointed.