May 20, 2013


By: Trevor Watters

As Lorena and I woke up in the morning, it was an emotional and difficult time for both of us as we came to the realization that this was our final day with Johnny. Reflecting on our past mentoring sessions and fun we had with him, we were able to pull ourselves together. Johnny arrived early in the morning, and we went to work right away finishing projects left over from our previous sessions. After a bit of time and hard work, I truly can share with you, Lorena and I with Johnny’s mentoring had produced a solid structure for a 30-minute performance.  Johnny was also instrumental in assisting us with a few simple steps that we could produce a performance from 30 to a 90-minute show.

Later that morning, Johnny took us to meet a costume designer that we placed an order with which will certainly compliment our show. She was an amazing lady who is super- talented and also makes costumes for some of the largest acts on the strip. As we finished off the day, Lorena and I invited Johnny and Pam out for dinner. They chose one of there favorite locations and I must say the food was great. Pam surprised our server when he realized that Pearl & Grace their 2 Chihuahuas were sitting on either side of her. If only I had taken a picture of his face when he saw them!