Lifetime Achievement Award 2023

June 23, 2023

And here we are! The final day of the 2023 Allan Slaight Awards celebrating magic excellence.

Today’s award is quite special. It acknowledges an exceptional commitment to magic through the dedicated efforts of an individual over a lifetime. The Lifetime Achievement award also comes with a prize of $15,000 and an engraved iPad to commemorate the occasion—courtesy of the Slaight Family Foundation.

After celebrating emerging artists earlier in the week, we now turn our gaze to those who have devoted long years as the builders and champions of magic.

Past recipients in this category are: Johnny Thompson, Ton Onosaka, Max Maven, Dr. Edwin Dawes, Juan Tamariz, Jim Steinmeyer, John Gaughan and Goldfinger & Dove. Each of these individuals has made a significant commitment to magic, ensuring that it grows and thrives in practise, theory and performance.

It is a great honour to now include British television producer, author, collector and historian, JOHN FISHER, to this special group of magic makers. 

As you will see, John’s brilliant career as a television producer, consultant, historian and writer is beyond staggering. He really is a magic genius. As we make a sweep across his many achievements, you will see some of the monumental efforts that John has made to advancing the art of magic. His deep devotion to magic is remarkable and, indeed, quite inspiring.

We are honoured to present John Fisher with the Allan Slaight Lifetime Achievement award.


We extend our thanks to Noel Britten, Lucy Siegler, Gabe Fajuri, Stina Henslee, Elizabeth and Richard Kaufman, and Genii magazine for their very kind assistance in producing this video.



Congratulations to all the 2023 Allan Slaight Award recipients. It was a joy and honour to recognize your achievements and to celebrate your contributions to magic. 

We would also like to extend our deep gratitude and appreciation to the Slaight Family Foundation for creating these awards. Since 2015, the foundation has steadily supported the art of magic through this unique awards program and it has given away an astonishing $460,000 in celebration of those who pursue the impossible. The recognition and the commitment to magic by the Slaight Family Foundation—and in particular, by Mr. Gary Slaight—continue to move and inspire. 

And, as always, we want to thank you for joining us this week. Magic only thrives when it is shared with others. Thank you for following, applauding and celebrating along with us this year! 



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