Magicol No. 194

September 4, 2019

PreviewMagicol No. 194

This forthcoming issue, No. 194, is chock-full with hundred and twenty-five pages of articles on magic history and on our beloved collectibles. First off, learn about the mysteries (and of possible solutions) on dating magic posters from the Golden Age. Next, find out how fast light can fade paper and ephemera in a collection. Have you ever thought, what if Houdini had posters designed to advertise his last tour? You will see the results of a unique, graphic design competition that asked exactly this question.

Also in this issue, discover more about a little-known escape artist from the Twenties—who also happens to be a woman. Ever wonder what would happen if you left a magic poster outside? Well, ponder no more. There is a photo essay in No. 194 depicting posters being sacrificed out in the elements, so that we can see the effects of outdoor weathering.

And there’s more: We also have the last four chapters that conclude Leo Behnke’s wonderful series Magic and Literature: Connecting to the World of Books. We have convention reviews on the last Yankee Gathering and the Magic Collectors Expo. We also share details about another forthcoming project that has kept us very busy lately.

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