New Additions to the Magic Palace

March 20, 2017

Last year we launched a free online exhibition dedicated to Dale Harney and the Canadian TV series, The Magic Palace. Originally filmed in Calagary in the late 1970s and early 80s, no original footage of the show survives. However young magic enthusiasts preserved episodes for their own enjoyment on the earliest home VHS machines (and even Betamax!) and we have collected and digitized copies from a number of private collections. We knew when the exhibition launched that we did not have the entire series, however after news of our efforts became public, we were able to connect with an Alberta magician with a significant collection of magic videos which were not only beautifully preserved but meticulously catalogued. We have been working to digitize and upload parts of his collection to fill in the gaps in the exhibition. So now, from the archives of Larry Thornton, you can see new performance clips from:

Bill Chaudet

Danny Orleans

Patterson and Pandora

Piet Paulo

Bob Sneider

Zicarti and Melba

In addition, from the host — Dale Harney — who performed on every episode, you can now see performances of the Coin Assembly, Sands of Egypt, Coppenetro, the Money Maker, the Haunted Pack, Appearing Assistants, Hangman and Rice, Orange and Checkers

Currently there are over thirty hours of magic performance video to enjoy as part of The Screening Room


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