Reviews are coming in!

October 19, 2015

The reviews are starting trickle in on our latest publication, The Experts at the Card Table:

"This book is a pleasure to page through, and is an important and welcome addition to Erdnasiana." / John Lovick

"David has made the once-daunting material more accessible than ever. For my first time, I read the text cover to cover, and it all made sense." / Steve Bryant

"...if you have some card technique under your belt and if you’ve wanted to plunge into the Erdnase pond, this is a great way to experience the material…" / Michael Close

"Beautiful book, and a great way to look at Erdnase in a whole new light." / John Carney

"It's shocking how many editions of Erdnase have been released, yet it took 113 years for one to be truly accessible." / Tyler Wilson

"What an immediate treasure! It has "good weightiness" combined with textual heft. My swooning will be sustained." / Jon Racherbaumer

Still wondering if this book is for you? Perhaps the reviews by Michael CloseSteve Bryant and John Lovick will shed some light on what insights, knowledge and information you can expect from The Experts at the Card Table.

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