Volumes III & IV now shipping!

The Halfway Point
March 15, 2023

Though we were saddened by the news of Dr. Eddie Dawes’s passing on March 3, 2023, at the age of 97, we remain quite heartened that he knew his opus, The Rich Cabinet Collection, was well underway, with the second set of books, Volumes III and IV, soon to be released.

Suddenly, we are at the halfway point!

When we first set out to publish the definitive collection of five hundred articles of “A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities” written by renowned historian Dr. Edwin Dawes, we knew we had something special! We just didn’t know how big it would be! Now, four of the nine set volumes have been printed and they are ready for you.

For those who have purchased a set: We are delighted to report that the books are now in the process of packing and shipping. We have taken great care to increase packaging to ensure safe transport, which means the books are being packed and shipped in batches. So, while it will take longer to move the books around the world, please know it is because we think your precious books are worth it!

We are so pleased with this set, Volumes III and IV. We hope you will be, too.

For more information about The Rich Cabinet Collection, visit this page.


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