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November 07, 2018

Juan Tamariz performs a piece of close-up mentalism matching chosen ESP cards.

Luna De Verano was a television program produced in spain for Canal Sur in 1990. We would like to thank Juan Tamariz and Luis Piedrahita for making this content available. 

November 06, 2018

French magician Gaëtan Bloom performs his celebrated act, which was presented over four thousand times during his fifteen years performing at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris.

November 06, 2018

In addition to the classic "Six Card Repeat", Juan Tamariz demonstrates his tremendous "Animal Magnetism", a series of strength demonstrations associated with the "Little Georgia Magnet." 

November 05, 2018

Miguel Aparicio, a magician from Granada, performs magic with jumbo playing cards including cutting to the four kings and the production of a royal flush. He also performs a version of Brother John Hamman's "The Signed Card" (The Secrets of Brother John Hamman by Richard Kaufman.)

November 02, 2018

French master magician Gaëtan Bloom performs magic with invislble (!) bananas. He also performs a classic card stab using a paper bag — a method devised by Milborne Christopher and popularized by Don Alan