A Curated Study of Magic 

Welcome to the Take Two Archive, a rich and colourful collection of essays by Jamy Ian Swiss.

The project was originally conceived as a weekly post to share the author’s insights on the appreciation for the art of magic. Over two years, it has evolved to become a collection of seventy-two articles that examine the specific form, or individual styles of magic and magicians, using two (often more!) curatorial choices of magic videos to illustrate.

This collection covers a broad array of magic and magicians, offering you an interesting point of entry, not only to the tricks themselves, but also into the minds of the artist, their history and backgrounds, mixed with Jamy’s personal viewpoints on what makes these subjects so fascinating. 

Where should you start?

You can’t go wrong. Here is the collection, starting with the oldest post first. But whether you choose to dive in at the beginning, or work your way backward you will find a rich treasure trove of essays and videos curated for you, ready and waiting. 

If you are looking for a specific post or magician, we have created these two indexes to help narrow your search: