Juan Tamariz Introduces Chan-Tatachan

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Just saying the title makes you smile! Thanks to Juan Tamariz, Luis Piedrahita and many others, we are thrilled to have the Chan-tatachan Collection in The Screening Room. Join Juan Tamariz and co-hosts Pedro Reyes and Alaska (María Olvido Gara) and go back to 1992 when Juan performed and produced one of his last television shows in Spain. With separate sets for close-up, parlour and stage performances, the program was able to explore magic in all of its facets.

In addition to his colourful and comic presence, Juan would also perform close-up magic with celebrity guests and engage them in long discussions on what magic was about. The show also featured stand-up comedy, juggling, variety acts and musical guests. 

While the show is in Spanish, magic (and allied arts) once again prove to be a universal language! This playlist only touches a few of the eighteen hours we have in The Screening Room so if you enjoyed these fun ones, be sure to check out the whole Chan-tatachan Collection!