Dell O'Dell

Debbie O'Carroll
While Dell O’Dell would be an obvious choice for this installment, I’ve already written about her life and career, so come and meet a magician with Irish heritage and a lively onstage persona (several of them, in fact).

Learn more about Dell O’Dell, the glamorous, comedy magicienne and television pioneer, and discover how she became to be known as “The World’s Leading Lady Magician.”
July 24, 2023
Dell presenting her signature version of the Nest of Boxes. Even though a silent clip, you can see her strength of personality and also, her physical strength. Those boxes were heavy!
July 24, 2023
Dell is performing “Fresh Fish” in the early Forties. Invented by magician Arnold Furst, the torn-and-restored paper effect starts with a sign that reads “Fresh Fish Sold Here Today.” 
July 24, 2023
In this silent clip, Dell O’Dell works her magic in a night club in the Forties, assisted by her husband, Charlie Carrer, presenting classics of magic.